Message from Umpires Convenor

Message from the Convenor


Welcome to the umpires area of the PANA website. Let me introduce myself – I am Belinda Green – Umpires Convenor for the Parramatta Auburn Netball Association.


Hopefully you have come here because you would like to know more about the rules of netball and umpiring.


Encouraging umpires and players


Before a whistle is blown or a ball is thrown, please remember the following:

  • If you disagree with an umpire or coach raise the issue through the appropriate channels rather than question their judgement and honesty in public.

  • Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse.

  • Recognise and respect the value and importance of volunteer administrators, coaches and umpires. They give up their time and resources to provide recreational activities for players and deserve your support.


[Netball NSW MPP Part A Code of Behaviour]


Rules of netball

Click Official Rules of Netball to view the rules.

Alternatively, purchase your rule book and whistle from the canteen.


Section I Theory Examination

To access the Section I Theory Examination click here

If you have any questions regarding the exam, or require assistance, please email:

Opportunities to umpire

Everyone is welcome to discuss their interest in umpiring with me, please feel free to contact me via email. There are many opportunities available including:

  • Junior Umpires Clinic

  • Umpiring at junior representative carnivals

  • Senior Umpires Clinic (depending on interest)

  • NetEd (may be available through other Associations)


More about umpiring


Have you ever wondered about the rules of netball? Watch these YouTube videos for more information on the common rules:


Netball Umpiring - hand signals

Netball Umpiring - stepping

Netball Umpiring  - obstruction

Netball Umpiring - contact


Lets get physical